Hacking - Simply Explained

Hacking - Simply Explained

Not so long ago, the word "hacker" was used to describe a person who loves to experiment with technology.

Now, the word "hacker" is used to describe a person who illegally uses another person's computer for illicit purposes without that person's knowledge. For that, a special thanks goes to the media, which has consistently used the term only to describe the bad guys (if you couldn't tell, I'm being sarcastic). 

The Problem

We all know how complicated computers have become in recent years and, unfortunately, people with bad motives will have greater chances to use them in illicit activities.

It's not always possible for computer experts to identify weak spots in your computer code. And, that is what hackers are very good at. They will try to find these weak spots and cause damage to your computer.

I should also add that not all hackers are bad. Some do so for good intentions, such as helping computer engineers in identifying weak spots and fixing issues.

Types of Hackers

Now that you know what hacking means, there are different types of hackers out there:

  1. White Hat Hackers: These hackers adopt moral standards. They are legally allowed to hack a computer system and their main goal is to find weak spots and enhance the security system in a given computer.

  2. Black Hat Hackers: These people participate in criminal activity in order to take advantage of computer systems and benefit themselves.

  3. Grey Hat Hackers: They hack with good intentions, but they still may not have done it all in a legal or moral way.

Why Do People Hack?

Here are the top reasons why hackers do what they do.

  • Quick Cash: Bank cards and online data sales are two common sources of motivation for hackers.

  • Improved Security Systems: This is done by white hat hackers for moral reasons. They break into systems to check for security flaws.

  • Hacktivism: What does that mean? It is when people hack other computer systems for political reasons.

  • Just for Fun: Some people consider hacking a hobby.

What Happens When a Computer is Hacked?

Hackers can steal your identity and have access to your personal information.

Then, they might use your own account to participate in illegal activity.

How to Protect Yourself Against Hackers

If a professional hacker wants to get into a device, he/she is going to find a way to break into that device one way or another, it's just a question of time. The only thing you can do is make it as hard as possible for them to hack you. Here are some tips on how to do that:
  1. Install the latest updates on your computer, including anti-virus software.

  2. Create a different password for each account you have

  3. Always use secure WiFi connections.

  4. Backup your PC data regularly

I hope that now you have a good understanding of what hacking is. Technology can be used for good and bad. Make sure you use it for good!

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