Hackers are Using this TikTok Challenge To Stage Malware Attacks

Hackers are Using this TikTok Challenge To Stage Malware Attacks

A challenge called "Invisible Challenge" is trending on TikTok, where people film themselves naked while using a special effect filter that basically removes the character's body from the video, leaving only a blurred outline image of it.

Here is an example of the Invisible Challenge:

After the challenge became a trend, a lot of people started searching for ways to remove that TikTok filter from the videos to see what they weren't meant to see. Anyone with a little bit of understanding of how video editing works can realize that such things are not possible (at least not in the way they want it)

Hackers saw this demand, and they started posting TikTok videos with links to a fake software called "unfilter" that claimed to be able to remove that TikTok filter from videos. 

Those links will take you to a page asking you to join the "Space Unfilter" Discord server which contains NSFW videos claimed to be the result of "Unfilter" software.

If you follow all the instructions to get the "unfilter" software, you will end up installing a WASP stealer malware on your machine. All your Discord accounts, crypto wallets, credit cards, and whatever else you think is valuable will be stolen before you know it.

"Over 30,000 members have joined the Discord server created by the attackers so far and this number continues to increase as this attack is ongoing," Guy Nachson, a supply chain security researcher at Checkmarx said in a blog post.

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