Snitch - Information Gathering via Dorks

Snitch - Information Gathering via Dorks

Snitch is a Python-based tool that allows you to automate information gathering process for a specified domain.

Using built-in dorks, this tool can gather specified information domain which can be found using web search engines. It can be quite useful in early phases of penetration testing.

Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -U [url], --url=[url]
                        domain(s) or domain extension(s) separated by comma*
  -D [type], --dork=[type]
                        dork type(s) separated by comma*
  -C [dork], --custom=[dork]
                        custom dork*
  -O [file], --output=[file]
                        output file
  -S [ip:port], --socks=[ip:port]
                        socks5 proxy
  -I [seconds], --interval=[seconds]
                        interval between requests, 2s by default
  -P [pages], --pages=[pages]
                        pages to retrieve, 10 by default
  -v                    turn on verbosity

 Dork types:
  info   Information leak & Potential web bugs
  ext    Sensitive extensions
  docs   Documents & Messages
  files  Files & Directories
  soft   Web software
  all    All


devil@hell:~/snitch$ python -D ext -U gov -P15
[!] Pages limit set to 15
[+] Target: gov

[+] Looking for sensitive extensions

[+] Done!

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