DAMM - An Open Source Memory Analysis Tool

DAMM - An Open Source Memory Analysis Tool

DAMM (Differential Analysis of Malware in Memory) is an open source memory analysis tool built on top of Volatility.

It is meant as a proving ground for interesting new techniques to be made available to the community. These techniques are an attempt to speed up the investigation process through data reduction and codifying some expert knowledge.


  • ~30 Volatility plugins combined into ~20 DAMM plugins (e.g., pslist, psxview and other elements are combined into a 'processes' plugin)
  • Can run multiple plugins in one invocation
  • The option to store plugin results in SQLite databases for preservation or for "cached" analysis
  • A filtering/type system that allows easily filtering on attributes like pids to see all information related to some process and exact or partial matching for strings, etc.
  • The ability to show the differences between two databases of results for the same or similar machines and manipulate from the cmdline how the differencing operates
  • The ability to warn on certain types of suspicious behavior
  • Output for terminal, tsv or grepable


usage: damm.py [-h] [-d DIR] [-p PLUGIN [PLUGIN ...]] [-f FILE] [-k KDBG]
               [--db DB] [--profile PROFILE] [--debug] [--info] [--tsv]
               [--grepable] [--filter FILTER] [--filtertype FILTERTYPE]
               [--diff BASELINE] [-u FIELD [FIELD ...]] [--warnings] [-q]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIR                Path to additional plugin directory
  -p PLUGIN [PLUGIN ...]
                        Plugin(s) to run. For a list of options use --info
  -f FILE               Memory image file to run plugin on
  -k KDBG               KDBG address for the images (in hex)
  --db DB               SQLite db file, for efficient input/output
  --profile PROFILE     Volatility profile for the images (e.g. WinXPSP2x86)
  --debug               Print debugging statements
  --info                Print available volatility profiles, plugins
  --tsv                 Print screen formatted output.
  --grepable            Print in grepable text format
  --filter FILTER       Filter results on name:value pair, e.g., pid:42
  --filtertype FILTERTYPE
                        Filter match type; either "exact" or "partial",
                        defaults to partial
  --diff BASELINE       Diff the imageFile|db with this db file as a baseline
  -u FIELD [FIELD ...]  Use the specified fields to determine uniqueness of
                        memobjs when diffing
  --warnings            Look for suspicious objects.
  -q                    Query the supplied db (via --db).

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