SNMPCheck - Tool To Enumerate Information via SNMP Protocol

SNMPCheck is an open source tool that allows you to automate the process of gathering information of any devices with SNMP protocol support (Windows, Unix-like, network appliances, printers...).

It provides the output in a very human readable format. It could be useful for penetration testing or systems monitoring.

Note: Snmpcheck should not be used against machines you do not own or administrator. This tool might create IDS warnings.

It supports the following enumerations:
  • contact
  • description
  • detect write access
  • devices
  • domain
  • hardware and storage information
  • hostname
  • IIS statistics
  • IP forwarding
  • listening UDP ports
  • location
  • motd
  • mountpoints
  • network interfaces
  • network services
  • processes (glance at parameters!)
  • routing information
  • software components
  • system uptime
  • TCP connections
  • total memory
  • uptime
  • user accounts
  • filename (printer)
  • username (printer)
  • client (printer)
  • timestamp (printer)
  • domain (printer)
  • application name (printer)
  • application command (printer)



snmpcheck.rb [OPTIONS] {target IP address}

  -p --port        : SNMP port. Default port is 161

  -c --community   : SNMP community. Default is public

  -v --version     : SNMP version (1,2c). Default is 1

  -w --write       : detect write access (separate action by enumeration)

  -d --disable_tcp : disable TCP connections enumeration!

  -t --timeout     : timeout in seconds. Default is 5

  -r --retries     : request retries. Default is 1

  -i --info        : show script version

  -h --help        : show help menu

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