Moscrack - WPA Cluster Cracker

Moscrack - WPA Cluster Cracker

Moscrack is a Perl application that allows you to crack WPA keys in parallel on a group of computers.

This is accomplished by use of Mosix clustering software, SSH or RSH access to a number of nodes. With Moscrack's plugin framework, Moscrack has support for Pyrit, Unix password hash cracking and can be further extended by anyone who desires extra functionality.


  • Architecture independent
  • Automatic and dynamic configuration of nodes
  • Automatic performance analysis and tuning
  • Basic API allows remote monitoring
  • CUDA support via aircrack-ng-cuda (untested)
  • Can be extended by use of plugins
  • Can crack/compare SHA256/512, DES, MD5 and blowfish hashes via Dehasher plugin
  • Checkpoint and resume
  • Designed to run for long periods of time
  • Does not require an agent/daemon on nodes
  • Doesn't exit on errors/failures when possible
  • Easily supports a large number of nodes
  • Effectively handles mixed fast and slow nodes or links
  • Failed/bad node throttling
  • Hung node detection
  • Includes CGI web status viewer
  • Includes a "top" like status viewer
  • Intercepts INT and TERM signals for clean handling
  • Live CD/USB enables boot and forget dynamic node configuration
  • Node prioritization based on speed
  • Nodes can be added/removed/modified while Moscrack is running
  • Pyrit and CUDA/OpenCL support via Pyrit plugin
  • Reprocessing of data on error
  • Supports Mosix clustering software
  • Supports SSH, RSH, Mosix for node connectivity
  • Supports all popular operating systems as processing nodes
  • Supports mixed OS/protocol configurations
  • Uses aircrack-ng (including 1.2 Beta) by default
  • Very verbose, doesn't hide anything, logs aggressively

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