Hasher - Tool For Creating & Comparing Hashes

Hasher Tool

Hasher is a python script that allows you to generate a hash in a hashing algorithm that you choose, with a cleartext string of your choice, all locally on your machine. 

It also lets you compare a cleartext string with a hashed value to determine if they match, again, all locally on your machine.

It is not designed to be a password/hash cracking program. It's designed for creating hashes, or comparing passwords and hashes locally, not for cracking passwords.

It supports the following hashing algorithms:
  • md5
  • sha1
  • sha256
  • sha512
  • ntlm
  • msdcc
  • msdcc2
  • md5_crypt
  • sha1_crypt
  • sha256_crypt
  • sha512_crypt
  • MSSQL2000
  • MSSQL2005
  • MySQL v3.2.3
  • MySQL v4.1
  • Oracle 10G
  • Oracle 11G
  • Postgres_md5


Hasher.py [-h] [-list] [-G Plaintext String] [-C Plaintext String] [-type HASH_TYPE] 
[-hash HASH] [-rounds 5000] [-salt SALT] [-username USERNAME]

Create or Verify hashes with plaintext strings.

optional arguments:
-h, --help                     show this help message and exit
-list                          List all supported hash algorithms
-G Plaintext String            Generate a hash from the provided string.
-C Plaintext String            Compare provided plaintext with a hash
-type HASH_TYPE                The hashing algorithm you want to use
-hash HASH                     Hash used for comparison
-rounds 5000                   Number of rounds to hash your plaintext string
-salt SALT                     Salt used for hashing
-username USERNAME             Only required for select hash types

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