GoldenEye - Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Tool

GoldenEye - Tool For Performing Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

GoldenEye is a Python-based HTTP DoS (Denial of Service) test tool.

You can use this tool to launch DoS attacks against websites.

This tool is a dos tool that is meant to put heavy load on HTTP servers in order to bring them to their knees by exhausting the resource pool.

Attack Vector exploited: HTTP Keep-Alive + NoCache


./ <url> [OPTIONS]


-u, --useragents File with user-agents to use (default: randomly generated)

-w, --workers  Number of concurrent workers (default: 10)

-s, --sockets  Number of concurrent sockets (default: 500)

-m, --method  HTTP Method to use 'get' or 'post'  or 'random' (default: get)

-n, --nosslcheck Do not verify SSL Certificate (default: True)

-d, --debug  Enable Debug Mode [more verbose output] (default: False)

-h, --help  Shows this help

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