Umap - The USB Host Security Assessment Tool

Umap Security Tool

Umap is a python based tool that allows you to test the security of USB host implementations (ie, something you plug a USB device into, like a PC or a tablet).

It requires Python3 and pyserial.

Its primary function at the moment is a fuzzer with test cases based on a combination of data from standards documentation and the author's experience of where USB bugs are commonly found.

Umap requires a Facedancer board to enable devices to be virtualised in Python and presented to the target host. The firmware and basic Facedancer demo software can be downloaded here:


Umap is written in Python so to run it just type:
$ sudo python3
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The USB host assessment tool
Andy Davis, NCC Group 2013
Version: 1.01

Based on Facedancer by Travis Goodspeed

For help type: -h

Error: Facedancer serial port not supplied


  --version    show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -P SERIAL    Facedancer serial port **Mandatory option** (SERIAL=/dev/ttyX
               or just 1 for COM1)
  -L           List device classes supported by umap
  -i           identify all supported device classes on connected host
  -c CLS       identify if a specific class on the connected host is supported
  -O           Operating system identification
  -e DEVICE    emulate a specific device (DEVICE=class:subclass:proto)
  -v VID       specify Vendor ID (hex format e.g. 1a2b)
  -p PID       specify Product ID (hex format e.g. 1a2b)
  -r REV       specify product Revision (hex format e.g. 1a2b)
  -f FUZZC     fuzz a specific class (FUZZC=class:subclass:proto:E/C/A[:start
  -s FUZZS     send a single fuzz testcase
  -d DLY       delay between enumeration attempts (seconds): Default=1
  -l LOG       log to a file
  -R REF       Reference the VID/PID database (REF=VID:PID)
  -u           update the VID/PID database (Internet connectivity required)

  Experimental Options:
    -A APPLE   emulate an Apple iPhone device (APPLE=VID:PID:REV)
    -b VENDOR  brute-force vendor driver support (VENDOR=VID:PID)

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