Mellivora - A CTF (Capture The Flag) Engine

Mellivora - A CTF (Capture The Flag) Engine

Mellivora is a lightweight CTF (Capture The Flag) engine written in PHP.


  • LAMP: PHP 5.5.9+, MySQL 5.5+, Apache 2.2+. Will likely work with other configurations but this is untested.
  • Composer dependency manager for PHP.

Mellivora Snapshot


    • Arbitrary categories and challenges.
    • Scoreboard with optional multiple team types.
    • Manual or automatic free-text submission marking.
    • Challenge hints.
    • Team progress page.
    • Challenge overview page.
    • Limit category and challenge exposure to certain times.
    • Challenge reveal on parent challenge solve (by any team).
    • Optional signup restrictions based on email regex.
    • Local or Amazon S3 challenge file upload.
    • Optional automatic MD5 append to files.
    • Admin management console with competition overview.
    • Create/edit front page news.
    • Arbitrary menu items and internal pages.
    • Optional total number and time-based submission throttling.
    • User management with IP correlation.
    • Internal log for catching exceptions.
    • reCAPTCHA support.
    • User-defined or auto-generated passwords on signup.
    • User/Email/IP search.
    • Configurable caching.
    • Caching proxy (like Cloudflare) aware (optional x-forwarded-for trust).
    • Optional separate domain for static files.
    • Segment analytics support.
    • SMTP email support. Bulk or single email composition.
    • TOTP two factor auth support.
    • CTF Time compatible JSON scoreboard.
    • Self-serve and admin password reset.
    and more ...

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