WATOBO - Web Application Security Auditing Toolbox

WATOBO - Web Application Security Auditing Toolbox

WATOBO is a security tool that allows you to perform highly efficient semi-automated web application security audits.


  • It has Session Management capabilities; You can define login scripts as well as logout signatures. So you don’t have to login manually each time you get logged out.
  • It can act as a transparent proxy (requires nfqueue).
  • It can perform vulnerability checks out of the box.
  • It can perform checks on functions which are protected by Anti-CSRF-/One-Time-Tokens.
  • It supports Inline De-/Encoding, so you don’t have to copy strings to a transcoder and back again. Just do it inside the request/response window with a simple mouse click.
  • It has smart filter functions, so you can find and navigate to the most interesting parts of the application easily.
  • It  is written in (FX)Ruby and enables you to easily define your own checks.
  • It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS ... every OS supporting (FX)Ruby.
  • It is free (licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2).


If you already have a running ruby installation, you can install watobo via 'gem'.
c:\> gem install watobo
This might take some time ... 

To start watobo enter
c:\> watobo_gui

Here is the video on how to install WATOBO on Windows:

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