pWeb Suite - Web Application Penetration Testing Toolkit

pWeb Suite - Web Application Penetration Testing Toolkit

pWeb Suite (formerly known as the "pCrack Suite") is a Perl based web application penetration testing suite that is equipped with a lot of basic penetration testing and vulnerability detection tools.


  • WP_Sniper: Wordpress vulnerability testing
  • HelLFiRE: LFI vulnerability testing
  • LogInject0r: LFi - log injection exploit
  • Fibonacci: Calculates Fibonacci sequence with just two variables
  • Primes: Pprime numbers generator
  • Havijmd5BF: Havij Report file finder (Uses Google)
  • md5online: MD5 Rainbow table lookup
  • pBincracker: Pastebin passwords search
  • ripemd160online: RIPEMD160 Rainbow table lookup
  • sha1online: SHA1 Rainbow table lookup
  • sha1on256ine: SHA256 Rainbow table lookup
  • FileScope: File and Directory brute force tool
  • STGB: Simple plain text Google Browser
  • SMSQLi: Simple MySQL Injector
  • EtsyShadow: Cracking password from recovered /etc/shadow- file
  • RePsychoLoop: permutation generator using word lists or characters
  • XSSPlay!: Cross Site Scripting vulnerability testing and graphical automation
  • StringEnc: Obfuscation generator for XSS or Code Injection attacks

pWeb Suite XSSplay Image

pWeb Suite XSSplay Snapshot


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