Sanewall - A Firewall Builder For Linux

Sanewall - A Firewall Builder For Linux

Sanewall is an open source firewall builder for Linux which uses an elegant language abstracted to just the right level. This makes it powerful as well as easy to use, audit, and understand. It allows you to create very readable configurations even for complex stateful firewalls.

It can be used to produce local firewalls or router-based firewalls on any system.

Note: Sanewall is actually a fork of FireHOL.

Sanewall can be used for almost any Linux firewall need, including:
  • Control of any number of internal/external/virtual interfaces
  • Control of any combination of routed traffic
  • Setting up DMZ routers and servers
  • All kinds of NAT
  • Providing strong protection (flooding, spoofing, etc.)
  • Transparent caches
  • Source MAC verification
  • Blacklists, whitelists

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