Resolver - A Reverse DNS Lookup Tool

Resolver - A Reverse DNS Lookup Tool

Resolver is  a windows tool that allows you to perform a reverse DNS Lookup for a given IP address or for a range of IP's in order to find its PTR.

"While the main purpose of the Domain Name System is to point domains to IP addresses, a PTR record works in the opposite way - it associates an IP with a domain name. Because of its purpose, a PTR record is sometimes called Reverse DNS Record. The purpose of a PTR record is mostly administrative - it shows an IP is in fact used with a particular domain."

Resolver Snapshot


  • Resolve a single IP address
  • Resolve a C class IP range
  • Resolve from a list of IP's
  • Export results to a text file
  • Copy Results to Clipboard
  • DNS Records Bruteforce
  • Support Custom Insertion Points

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