CoolNovo Password Decryptor - Tool For Recovering Stored Login Details From CoolNovo Browser

CoolNovo Password Decryptor

CoolNovo Password Decryptor is a free program that allows you to instantly recover all the stored login credentials from CoolNovo Web browser. After a successful recovery, you can backup the recovered passwords to an HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file by using the "Export" function.

CoolNovo Password Decryptor Screenshot 1

It works on almost all the Windows systems (Windows XP to Windows 10).

Let's take a look at the features...
  • Instantly decrypt and recover stored passwords from all versions of CoolNovo browser.
  • Automatically discovers "CoolNovo Profile Path" for the current user.
  • Support for Drag & Drop of CoolNovo Profile path.
  • Provides option to sort the displayed password list by username, password or website.
  • Backup the Recovered CoolNovo password list to HTML/XML/Text/CSV file .
  • Integrated Installer for assisting you in local Installation & Uninstallation.

How To Use CoolNovo Password Decryptor

First, download and install CoolNovo Password Decryptor on your computer (Download link is at the end of this article). Then launch the program, you will see a window as shown below.

CoolNovo Password Decryptor Screenshot 2

Click on the "Start Recovery" button. The program will display all the stored login details.

If you want to backup the recovered login details, click on the "Export" button and then save the file.

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