AnonTwi - Tool To Have More Privacy On Social Media


AnonTwi is a powerful tool that can provide different layers of encryption, privacy methods, and proxy features to OAuth2 applications (such as GNUSocial, Twitter). It is a great tool to have more privacy on social networking sites.

AnonTwi Shell Screenshot

  • AES + HMAC-SHA1 encryption on Tweets and Direct Messages 
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to interact with API
  • Proxy Socks (for example, to connect to the TOR network)
  • Random HTTP header values
  • Send long messages splitted automatically
  • Automatic decryption of tweet's URLs or raw inputs
  • Backup messages to your disk (max: 3200)
  • Send fake geolocation places
  • Remove data and close account (suicide!)
  • View global Trending Topics
  • UTF-8 + Unicode support (Chinese, Arabic, symbols, etc)
  • Multiplatform: GNU/Linux, MacOS, Win32
  • Detailed colourful output results
  • Generate tools and modules
  • GTK+ interface
  • An IRC bot slave
AnonTwi v1.0 GTK

AnonTwi runs on many platforms including Windows, and Debian-based systems (ex: Ubuntu). It requires Python and the following libraries:
  • python-crypto   - cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python
  • python-httplib2 - comprehensive HTTP client library written for Python
  • python-pycurl   - python bindings to libcurl
  • python-glade2   - GTK+ bindings: Glade support 

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