BitComet Password Decryptor - Tool For Decrypting Passwords Stored By BitComet

BitComet Password Decryptor

BitComet Password Decryptor is a free program that can recover all the website and torrent passwords stored by BitComet software. 

If you don't know anything about BitComet, dude, you are missing one of the best free download managers...

You don't need a premium software like IDM to download and manage files. BitComet can do better than IDM, it can even download torrent files! Yes, it supports BitTorrent, HTTP, and FTP downloads. It also offers a lot of features.

What more do you want from a free download manager?!

So, download the BitComet, and try it. (don't forget to share your experience with us!)

Like any other download manager, BitComet also offers to remember the passwords for downloaded websites or torrent sites. When it saves the password, it also encrypts the password so you won't be able to see the passwords even if you have access to the BitComet program.

That's why you need the BitComet Password Decryptor. It can automatically find and recover all these saved passwords from BitComet profile location. Once recovered, you can also backup the password list to HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file.

Now let me show you how to use this badass program...

How To Use BitComet Password Decryptor

1. Download BitComet Password Decryptor onto your computer (Download link is at the end of this article). Then extract the zip file, run BitCometPasswordDecryptor_Installer.exe, and install the program.

Note: You must have a working internet connection to install the program.

2. Launch the program, you will see a window as shown below.

BitComet Password Decryptor Main Window

3. Click on the "Start Recovery" button.

 All login passwords stored by BitComet will be displayed on the program (see the image below).

BitComet Password Decryptor Decrypted Passwords

That's all. I hope you liked this article, if you did, please share this article...

Peace out...

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