WebSploit Framework - Tool For Vulnerability Assessment & Exploitation

WebSploit Framework is an open source command line utility that can scan and attack target services. It's features are listed below.

  • Autopwn - Used From Metasploit For Scan and Exploit Target Service
  • WMAP - Scan,Crawler Target Used From Metasploit wmap plugin
  • Format infector - inject reverse & bind payload into file format
  • phpMyAdmin Scanner
  • CloudFlare resolver
  • LFI Bypasser
  • Apache Users Scanner
  • Dir Bruter 
  • Admin finder
  • MLITM Attack - Man Left In The Middle, XSS Phishing Attacks
  • MITM - Man In The Middle Attack
  • Java Applet Attack
  • MFOD Attack (Middle Finger Of Doom Attack)
  • ARP Dos Attack
  • Web Killer Attack
  • Fake Update Attack
  • Fake Access point Attack
  • Wifi Honeypot
  • Wifi Jammer
  • Wifi DoS
  • Wifi Mass De-Authentication Attack
  • Bluetooth POD Attack

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