D-TECT - Command-line Based Web Application Penetration Testing Tool


D-TECT is a command-line based web application penetration testing tool that is specially designed for Penetration Testers and Security Researchers. It can make their job a lot easier.

D-TECT offers the following features:
  • Sub-domain Scanning
  • Port Scanning
  • Wordpress Scanning
  • Wordpress Username Enumeration
  • Wordpress Backup Grabbing
  • Sensitive File Detection
  • Same-Site Scripting Scanning
  • Click Jacking Detection
  • Powerful XSS vulnerability scanning
  • SQL Injection vulnerability scanning

How To Use D-TECT (on Windows)

Note: You must have python 2.7 installed on your computer.

First, download the source code (zip file) onto your computer. Then extract the zip file and then open the folder and then hold down the Shift key and right-click on the empty area, then select "Open command window here". You will see a command prompt window as shown below.

command prompt window

Then type d-tect.py and then hit the enter key.

D-TECT Running

Then enter the option number and then follow the instructions.

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