FireMaster - Crack Firefox's Master Password (Windows Tool)

FireMaster is a free program that can crack the Mozilla Firefox's "master password", which is used to protect stored login information (user credentials). Let's assume you forgot your master password, what do you do next? there is no way to recover the master password. What you can do is, you can crack the password, it will take some time, but it is the only way to get the stored login information from the Firefox.

This program supports Dictionary, Hybrid, Brute-force and advanced Pattern based Brute-force password cracking techniques. You probably know about these password cracking techniques, if not, here are some simple explanations.
  • Dictionary Attack: A technique to determine a passphrase by systematically entering every word in a dictionary as a password. Here "Dictionary" is a file that contains a lot of passphrases.
  • Bruteforce Attack: A technique to determine a passphrase by trying every possible passphrase.
  • Hybrid Attack: It is a combination of Dictionary and Bruteforce attack.
  • Advanced Pattern Based Brute-Force: If you know the exact password length and few characters, you can use this method to find your password faster than normal Bruteforce attack.


1. Download FireMaster, then extract the zip file to your desktop.

(Download link is at the end of this article)

2.  Open  the command prompt.

command prompt

3. Change the directory to desktop (type cd desktop and press enter). Then execute firemaster.exe from the command prompt (type firemaster and press enter).


Let's assume I have a dictionary file called "dictionary.txt" in the C drive. So if I want to start a Dictionary attack aginst the Firefox, I will execute a command like this:

Firemaster.exe -d -f c:\dictionary.txt auto

-d  = Perform dictionary attack.

-f  = Dictionary file with words on each line.

auto = Automatically detect default profile path (C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<prof name>).

If I want to start a brute-force attack,  I will execute a command like this:

Firemaster.exe -q -b -m 2 -l 10  -c "abcd" auto

-q = Disable verbose messages and prompts during the recovery operation.

-b = Perform brute-force attack.

-m = Specify the minimum length of the password.

-l = Specify the maximum length of the password.

-c = character list.

To start a hybrid attack, I will use a command like this:

Firemaster.exe -h -f c:\dictionary.txt -n 2 -g "123" -s auto

-h = Perform hybrid attack.

-n = Maximum length of strings to be generated using the character list.

-g = Group of characters used for generating the strings.

-s = Suffix generated characters to the dictionary word.

If I want to start a pattern based brute-force attack, I will use a command like this:

Firemaster.exe -q -b -m 2 -l 10 -c "ecsdrt58" -p "myse?????58" auto

- p = Specify the pattern for the password.

Got it? If not, comment below. I'm happy to help.

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