Bulk LM Password Cracker - Command-line Based Mass LM Hash Password Cracking Tool

Bulk LM Password Cracker

Bulk LM Password Cracker is a command-line tool for quick cracking of mass LM password hashes. This tool uses the dictionary attack to crack the passwords. It can automatically identify duplicate password hashes, so you don't have to do any pre-sorting work.

This program displays detailed statistics during the cracking operation.


Download and install Bulk LM Password Cracker on your computer.

[download link is at the end of this article]

Then browse to the program directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SecurityXploded\BulkLMPasswordCracker


C:\Program Files\SecurityXploded\BulkLMPasswordCracker

Then hold down the Shift key and right-click on an empty area of the window, and then select "Open command window here". You will see a window as shown below.


Let's say, I want to crack LM password hashes in a text file stored on the desktop (hashlist.txt). And, my password dictionary file is also stored on the dekstop (passlist.txt). To crack the hashes, I will use a command like this:

BulkLMPasswordCracker.exe "c:\users\tttt\desktop\hashlist.txt" "c:\users\tttt\desktop\passlist.txt" "c:\users\tttt\desktop\output.txt"

Bulk LM Password Cracker Cracking Success

"output.txt" saves the operation results.

The output file:

LM Output File

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