Ophcrack - A Windows Password Cracker


Ophcrack is an opensource program that can crack windows passwords. The program uses rainbow tables to crack passwords.

There are some things you should know before learning about the Ophcrack. They are,
  • What is a Password Hash?
An encrypted form of a password.
  • What is a Rainbow Table? 
A precomputed table for cracking password hashes.
  • What is LM hash (a.k.a LAN Manager hash)?
 It is a password hashing function used in Windows.

Ophcrack can crack LM and NTLM hashes, it also has a Bruteforce module that you can use to crack simple passwords.

Ophcrack Screenshot

Most of the rainbow tables are available for free.

For automated retrieval, decryption, and cracking of passwords, you can use a Ophcrack LiveCD. If you don't have a CD/DVD , you can also use your USB drive for this.

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