OFS Doser - A DoS (Denial of Service) Attack Tool For Android

OFS Doser is an android app that can crash servers! But not all servers, it can only crash a PHP or Java server that has the HashDoS vulnerability. The flaw "HashDoS" was in almost every web programming language, including ASP.NET, Ruby, Apache Tomcat, Java, PHP, Python, Apache Geronimo, Glassfish, Jetty and Google's open source JavaScript engine V8.

Note: A fix for this vulnerability was released in 2012.

If you can find a vulnerable server, you can crash it with OFS Doser in seconds...
Want to know more about HashDoS? I suggest you to read "How to explain Hash DoS to your parents by using cats".

Now let me give you a step by step guide on how to use OFS Doser:

1. Download and install OFS Doser on your android device. (Download link is at the end of this article.)

2. Run the app (it doesn't require root access):

OFS Doser Main Menu

3. Enter the target server's IP or domain name in the top box. Then select the server type (PHP or Java)

4. Select the packet size and threads, and then tap on the "DoS not running" button, the app will start sending POST messages filled with thousands of variables to the vulnerable server. When the server processes those messages, it goes into a denial-of-service condition.

Note: Since the vulnerability is few years old, you probably won't be able to find any servers that are susceptible to HashDoS attacks.

Download Link: OFS Doser [MediaFire Link]

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