Router Brute Force - Android app For Hackers

Router Brute Force - Android app For Hackers

Router Brute Force is an android app that can help you to crack router passwords. This app uses a method called "Dictionary Attack" to crack passwords. User interface-wise it is absolutely easy to use and more understandable than any other password cracking tool.

Now I'm going to give you a step by step guide on how to use the Router Brute Force app.

Note: First connect your device to the target router.

How To Use Router Brute Force

1. Download and install Router Brute Force app on your android device. 

(Download link is at the end of this article)

 2. Open the app, you will see the main interface:

Router Brute Force Main Interface

(The top field is for the target IP (router's local IP address) and the second field is for the username.)

3. Change the "username" if you want. I recommend you to use "admin" or "administrator" as the username.

4. Now select "File" or "Specific". If you choose the File option, the app will use the "dict_rbf.txt" file in the phone memory to crack the router password. The file contains almost 398 default passwords for different routers.

Note: You can add your password guesses in that text file (dict_rbf.txt) by using a text editor. But don't use the dictionary files that are larger than 5MB. 

If you choose the "Specific" option, you will be able to enter your password guesses and use them for cracking.

5. Tap on "*Check*" button. If the router is vulnerable, the app will display a message: "<Target's IP> is vulnerable". Now you can move to the next step.

6. Tap on the "Brute" button, The app will start attacking the target. Wait for some time, it will display the result (See the image below):

Router Brute Force Password Found

To test the password, tap long on the result and then select "Go to admin", the browser will display a login form. Then enter the credentials in the login form and then login to the router!

That's it guys, I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, feel free to share the article with your friends and followers...

See ya...

Download link: Download Router BruteForce


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