CrypticSMS - An Android Tool To Encrypt/Decrypt SMS

CrypticSMS - An Android Tool To Encrypt/Decrypt SMS

Yes, you read that right.. CrypticSMS is an android app that can encrypt/decrypt SMS. The app is not very difficult to use, the simple user interface allows anyone with a basic knowledge of encryption to use the app.

It supports the following ciphers:
  • Backwards Cipher
  • Reverse Alphabet Cipher

Note: This app uses an old encryption technique, so you might find it difficult to use in real life situations.

Anyway, today I'm going to show you how to use Cryptic SMS app:

1. Download and install Cryptic SMS on your android device.

(Download link is at the end of this article)

REMEMBER: The sender and the receiver device must have Cryptic SMS installed on them.

2. Open the app, you will see a screen as shown below.

CrypticSMS Home

3. Then tap on "ADD CIPHER". A small window will appear:

Create new cipher

4. Enter a name for the new cipher and then select a cipher. Then tap on "OK". If a configuration screen appears, configure the cipher as you want and then tap on "OK" (See the typical configuration screen below).

Enter Key

5. After entering the key, tap on the cipher that you just created. You will see an empty window with four options, it is a message box actually (see the image below).

CrypticSMS Text Box

6. Type in the message that you want to sent. Then tap on the "Encrypt" button.

7. After encrypting the text, tap on "Send". then a lot of options will pop up (it depends on your installed apps). Select "Messaging" and then enter the number of recipient. Then send the message.

On Recipient's Device: (Recipient receives the message.)

1. Copy the received message and then open Cryptic SMS app.  

2. Add the same cipher in the same configuration as in the sender's device. Then tap on it, paste the SMS on the message box.

3. Tap on "Decrypt".

The message should now be displayed.

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Download link:

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