Beginner's Guide To The Deep Web and The Dark Web

Beginner's Guide To The Deep Web and The Dark Web

Today I'm going to talk about the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

Most people think that the Deep Web and Dark Web are the same thing. But you know the truth, right? If not, you should read this article....

Here is what you can learn from this article:
  • What is the deep web?
  • What is the dark web?
  • How to access the dark web?
  • How to access the deep web?
  • How to search on the dark web?

Let's start with the first question.... "What the hell is the deep web?"

It is the part of the Internet which is not accessible through conventional search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). 

The deep web is simply the content of databases and other services.

So now you know what is the deep web. It's time to talk about the Dark Web.

Dark Web is actually the encrypted network that exists between Tor servers (or I2P servers) and their clients. If you want to access the Dark Web, you have to use certain anonymity tools and services.

Got it? If not, comment below.

I really want to give you a perfect guide to help you access the deep web but the reality is, nobody can. Because the deep web is not something that you can open through an anonymity tool or service -- It is the content of databases and services.

So I'm going to give you some tools that can help you to access certain parts of the deep web. Excited?

The first tool is...


It allows you to get the Economic, Demographic and Financial data that cannot be indexed by the search bots.

The second one is...


Shodan allows you to search for internet connected devices such as refrigerators, webcams, routers, TVs and many more.

Now it's time to give you a step by step guide on how to access the "DAAAARK WEB". It's funny that many people think that the so-called Dark Web is something beyond law enforcement and government.

Also, the dark web is not a scary place (not always). Yes, it contains child porn and other illegal materials. But there are a lot of helpful sites too.

You know, In 2014, the Internet Watch Foundation, a charity that collates child sexual abuse websites and works with law enforcement and hosting providers to have the content removed, found 31,266 URLs that contained child porn images. Of those URLs, only 51 of them, or 0.2 percent, were hosted on the dark web.

Did I digress from the subject?

Here is how to access the Dark Web using The Onion Router (TOR):

1. Download Tor Browser from

 (Download links are at the end of this article)

2. Install it. Then launch the program. You will see a window like this:

Tor Network Settings

3. Click on the "Connect" button. Another window will appear:

Connecting to Tor network

Wait for few seconds, the Tor Browser window will appear:

Tor Browser

Now you can browse the dark web using the Tor Browser!

Most of the articles on the internet usually stops here. But this one is not going to. Because still there are a lot of things you must know about the Dark Web.
One of them is...

How To Search On The Dark Web

When you want to search on the clearnet, what do you do? Go to or any other conventional search engines and then type in the keywords, right?

Searching on the Dark Web is also like that,  but not using the or yahoo, there are special search engines for that.

Here are some search engines that you can use to search the Dark Web:


It is a clearnet search engine for Tor Hidden Services. I don't think, it has a huge database. But you can start your journey to the dark web from here.

Clearnet URL:

  • Torch

It is one of the best Tor search engines. And it has a huge database, almost 1.1 Million pages.

Onion URL: http://xmh5752oemp2sztk.onion

  • Grams

It is specially designed to search the darknet markets. And, it looks a lot like the

  • Not Evil

It is a simple Tor search engine with no ads.

  • Sinbad Search

Another Tor search engine with a large database.

Now you know how to search on the Tor darknet. Are you ready to meet another darknet called "I2P"?

If you are, here is how to access it:

1. Download I2P from geti2p.

(Download Links are at the end of this article)

2. Install it. Then start I2P, you will see the I2P Router Console:

I2P Router Console

Now you have to setup your browser to use the i2p. Here is how to do it:

1.Open your browser (Here I'm using Mozilla Firefox).

2. Go to Menu > Options:

You will see the options tab:

Settings Mozilla

4. Select the "Advanced" and then select the "Network" tab:

Mozilla Advanced

5. Click on the "Settings". You will see the Connection Settings window:

Connection Settings

6. Select "Manual proxy configuration" and then, port 4444 in the "HTTP Proxy" field. Then enter, port 4445 in the SSL Proxy field. And, be sure to enter localhost and into the "No Proxy for" box.

Also, set the FTP proxy to the same settings as the HTTP proxy.

7. Click on "OK".

8. Go to the Router console home and then click on a hidden service that you want to access. If you see an error, click on another hidden service.

If you can't access any sites, comment below.

Now you know how to access i2p sites.

Here are some search engines that you can use on the i2p network:

  • Direct

It is a search engine with a simple interface. And it shows the list of active hosts on the home page which is very helpful.

  • BTDigg

It is a search engine for free torrent content. You can get all kinds of content from the BTDigg.

URL:  http://btdigg.i2p

Download Links

Download Tor Browser Bundle

Download I2P

That's it. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please share... Because Sharing is caring...

See ya...


  1. What are the kinds of 'helpful' sites on Dark web or deep web

  2. thank's so usefull tutorials..
    but, i didnt understand how i can change the proxy setting on chrome, iam confused because it does not have the same interface like mozzila firefox

    1. Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Change Proxy Settings > LAN Settings. Then enable "Use a proxy server for your LAN". Then click on "Advanced". Enter the proxy addresses and ports, then click "OK". That's all.


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