10 Best Free Proxy/VPN Apps For Android

Best Free Proxy/VPN Apps

Today you are going to see 10 best proxy/VPN apps for android:

Before diving into the list, tell me what is a proxy? If you don't know, no need to worry, I will tell you what it is (Trust me, no boring stuff here).

A proxy is actually another device/computer that acts as an intermediary between your device and the rest of the internet. If your computer is connected to a proxy server, your requests to access any server on the internet will be processed by the proxy server. That means there will be no direct connection between your computer and the service/website you are accessing.

If you still don't get the concept, let me tell you a real life example:

Assume, you are not allowed to visit a particular country, let's say "France", and you want to go there and grab some things. What do you do? You probably assign another person who has no restriction to visit France to grab those things for you, right? That person is actually doing the same work of a proxy server.

Got it? I hope you did.

Update: I have also included best proxy apps for iPhone, Windows, and Chrome in this article. You can use the below links to go there:
Now, let's dive into the list.

Note: This list is completely based on the quality of service, bandwidth, and play store ratings. All the apps in this list can work without root access.

Totally Free VPN Infographic

Totally Free VPN is a very good proxy app that allows you to use a lot of high-speed proxy servers. I put this app on this list because I found a special feature in it, that is, almost all of the listed proxy servers are actually working very well!


Totally Free VPN Screenshots

Download Totally Free VPN (Google Play Store Link)

CyberGhost - Free VPN & Proxy Infographic

As you all know, CyberGhost is one of the best proxy/VPN providers in the world. This application provides you a free service of their best VPN. Since it is a free version of CyberGhost's VPN service, it has some limitations. But don't worry, you can use this free app as long as you want. In this free app, you cannot select virtual locations.

The connection is always encrypted, that means, you don't have to worry about any interception.

CyberGhost Screenshots

Download CyberGhost - Free VPN & Proxy (Google Play Store Link)

Hotspot Shield Free Infographic

Hotspot Shield Free is a very useful tool that allows you to encrypt your communications and protect your privacy. It can also be used to circumvent internet censorship. This app is completely free, you can use it as long as you want. The only problem is you cannot select virtual locations.

It also allows you to add applications that you want to operate through the proxy.

Hotspot Shield Free Screenshots

Download Hotspot Shield Free (Google Play Store Link)

Cloud VPN Infographic

Cloud VPN is a simple app that allows you to bypass internet censorship in just one tap. It is completely free but it only have four server locations (France, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom).

Cloud VPN Screenshots

Download Cloud VPN (Google Play Store Link)

Free VPN by Hexatech Infographic

You should see the interface of this app, it is simple as hell. And it provides a pretty good VPN service. The only problem is, you guessed it, you cannot select virtual locations.

Free VPN by Hexatech Screenshots

Download Free VPN by Hexatech (Google Play Store Link)

Zenmate Security & Privacy VPN Infographic

Zenmate is a very good tool to protect your privacy from prying eyes. In order to use this application, you have to create an account (free account is available). In the free version, you will get only four server locations (Hong Kong, Romania, Germany and United States). 

Zenmate Security & Privacy VPN Screenshots

Download Zenmate Security & Privacy VPN (Google Play Store Link)

Silver Free VPN Infographic

Silver VPN is a simple app that allows you to use 12 different high-speed proxy/VPN servers. At the time of writing this article, two servers (Tokyo and US) are not responding well.

Silver Free VPN Screenshots

Download Silver Free VPN (Google Play Store Link)

Dot VPN Infographic

Dot VPN is not completely free, if you need features like strong encryption and unlimited speed, you can upgrade it. The free account is more than enough for a common user. If you want to experience the upgraded Dot VPN service,  you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

Dot VPN Screenshots

Download Dot VPN (Google Play Store Link)

VPN Protect your Privacy Infographic

It has a lot of free proxy servers that you can use to protect your privacy. This app is completely free and it works very well. Compared to other proxy/VPN services on this list, this app is little bit slow. Normally, you won't notice the speed difference, but if you really want to know the difference, do a speed test.

VPN Protect your Privacy Screenshots

Download VPN Protect your Privacy (Google Play Store Link)

VPN Easy Infographic

VPN easy provides 18 different server locations for free of charge. As you can see in the below image, it's user interface is similar to Hotspot shield. At the time of testing, three servers were not working properly.

VPN Easy Screenshots

Download VPN Easy (Google Play Store Link)

Best Proxy Apps For iPhone Users:

Best Proxy Apps For Windows PC:

If you want more proxy applications for PC, read "14 Best IP Hide Tools 2015/2016".

Best Proxy Apps For Windows Phone:

That's it. I hope you liked the list. If you did, feel free to share this article to your friends and followers.

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