DroidSQLi - Android App For Hackers

DroidSQLi - Android App For Hackers

DroidSQLi is an android app that allows you to launch SQL injection attacks on a target URL. It's fully automated, so you don't need much technical knowledge to operate this application. Just find a vulnerable URL and then put it in the "Target URL", then tap on "Inject". That's it!

DroidSQL Main Menu

[Download link is at the end of this article]

Pretty simple huh? Now you may want to know "what are the injection techniques DroidSQLi supports". If yes, take a look:
  • Time based injection
  • Blind injection
  • Error based injection
  • Normal injection
Now let's dow...

Wait...did I forget something? Yes.... I didn't tell you how to find SQLi vulnerable sites.
Here is an easy way to find SQLi vulnerable websites:

Just use any of the following Google dorks:
  • inurl:index.php?id=
  • inurl:trainers.php?id=
  • inurl:buy.php?category=
  • inurl:article.php?ID=
  • inurl:play_old.php?id=
  • inurl:declaration_more.php?decl_id=
  • inurl:pageid=
  • inurl:games.php?id=
  • inurl:page.php?file=
  • inurl:newsDetail.php?id=
  • inurl:gallery.php?id=
  • inurl:show.php?id=
  • inurl:staff_id=
If you want more SQLi google dorks, read the article "Google Dorks Ultimate Collection For Hackers"


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    1. Sorry we don't have a WhatsApp group.

  2. Ughhh i doesnt work plz help

    1. just follow the guide, and try it on different sites.

  3. Plssss start a WhatsApp group...it will help us for improving our knowledge...

  4. Doesn't work on untrusted certificate sites

  5. How can i save the details please !,,,,,,??

  6. It's not malware: andrototal.org/scan/result/SicjuywdR2acgxB-dnO6xg

    Nice tool.

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    i want to learn,how to hacking whatsapp account
    please help me.

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  9. can you please provide me the source code of droidsqli android app at ha5ckdangeros@gmail.com

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