AVG Internet Security (2016) Review

You know the Internet is not a safe place to surf blindly, right? If yes, tell me the tool(s) you have installed on your computer to protect yourself from malicious programs. If there is no tool(s) to protect your private data and computer from malicious access, you know what to do...

Today I'm going to review AVG Internet Security.

AVG Internet Security is the pro version of AVG Free Antivirus. I already wrote a review about AVG Free Antivirus. If you haven't read that yet, go read it:  AVG Antivirus Free Review

The user interface is same as the AVG Free Antivirus. That is, the main window features five panels namely Computer, Web, Identity, Email, and Firewall. And, each panel includes a colored circle that shows the protection level.

As you can see in the above image, the five circles are completely filled in the AVG Internet security. That means you have all the available protection in all areas.
Now take a look at the pros:
  • Provides data safe encryption, Online shield (download protection), highly configurable spam filter, hassle free Firewall and an inbuilt file shredder.
  • Super fast scanning.
  • Slows down the computer a little bit (You will feel it if your computer is a low-end one).
  • Compared to other premium security tools, AVG Internet Security scores low.
  • Anti-phishing is not efficient as the chrome's built-in protection.


The malware detection rate in the AVG Internet security is almost same as what we have seen in the AVG Antivirus Free. I also tested it with the latest collection of malicious URLs and email attachments, the results were average.

The data safe can really protect your sensitive files from malicious access. Once you locked the files using Data Safe, the files will be completely inaccessible without the password.

Firewall is actually smart! It cannot be disabled by malicious programs because it's registry settings is fully protected against changes.

The AVG's spam filter scores average compared to other spam filters.

I don't want to talk about the Identity Protection module, you know why? I have no idea what this component does. I have installed almost all the junk softwares on my test computer to test this component, but still it shows nothing.


I cannot say AVG Internet Security is bad because it has almost all expected suite components. The only problem is, they don't perform at peak efficiency.

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