Passera - Android App For Hackers

Passera App

Passera is an android app that you can use to generate a very strong password from a passphrase. It is one of the best ways to build strong passwords for your online accounts. It is a simple app, and it doesn't require any special permissions. Therefore, you can use this app without worrying about privacy.

How To Use Passera:

1. Download and install Passera on your android device.

Note: Download links are at the end of this article.

2. Run the app. You will see a screen as shown below.


3. Enter a secret keyword into the "Passphrase" field. I recommend you to type your strong password as the passphrase. 

Then tap on "show on screen" to see your double-strong password. If you want to copy the generated password, tap on "Copy to Clipboard".

Note: Increase the password length for better security.

Download Links

Download Passera app from MediaFire

Download Passera source files from GitHub

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