AVG Antivirus Free Review

AVG Antivirus Free

Everyone must have an antivirus software on their computers because it can really protect your computer from some malicious programs. 

You may ask why I used the word "some" in the above sentence. The reason is, I know how antivirus software works. It is never perfect to catch every malicious program on your computer. But I'm sure, you can get the best protection if you use the best antivirus software.

Since most of the popular articles on the internet are sponsored, finding a good quality antivirus is like diving into the sea for a pearl. That's why I decided to write honest antivirus reviews. I hope my reviews will help you to find a suitable antivirus software for your device.

Today, I'm going to review AVG Antivirus Free.

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free is actually the most recommended free antivirus software ever! According to AVG, hundreds of millions of people actively using the AVG Antivirus Free edition. I think, it is because of the trust AVG gained through all these years.

Now let's take look at the Pros:
  • AVG Antivirus Free doesn't slow down the computer system even when it is on a complete system scan. Therefore, it is the best antivirus for low-end systems. 

A Quick Flash Back

Before installing the AVG antivirus, I had Kaspersky Antivirus installed on my test computer. That was so bad. Kaspersky had slowed my low-end test computer into a super low-end one!

Fortunately, AVG Antivirus Free doesn't slow down low-end computers.

Now let's go back to the pros:
  • Speedy scan. Yes, the scanning process is super fast! I've never seen anything like that....That's not true, I've seen that in the Panda Cloud Antivirus.
  • It has a quite brilliant interface design. I mean it is smooth and meaningful. The main window features five panels namely Computer, Web, Identity, Email, and Firewall. Each panel includes a colored circle that shows the protection level.
  • Inbuilt file shredder. It will help you to delete files beyond recovery.
Now take a look at the cons:
  • The PC analyzer shuts down after one-day free trial.
  • No Firewall. Firewall protection is only available to pro users.

Lab Results

AVG detected 100 percent of the latest virus samples used in my testing. Also, it showed good results in the tests done by numerous trusted labs. Many people including my friends told me that uninstalling AVG is a nightmare. But I haven't experienced any trouble while uninstalling AVG. 

If you install AVG antivirus Free without focusing on what you are doing, you will probably install a 30-day trial of AVG Antivirus Pro. Therefore, you must choose "Custom Install" during installation if you want to install the AVG antivirus Free on your computer.

It is also efficient in detecting malicious URLs. In my testing, AVG detected and blocked almost 80 percent of newest malware-hosting URLs.

Note: The default scan setting is good, but I recommend you to enable "scan inside archives".

Identity Protection

Identity protection

Identity protection module is a behavior-based detection system. It analyzes a software's behavior and then determines whether it is safe or not. I have installed a lot of junkware in the test system to analyze the Identity Protection module. But it is not delivering any warnings.

Maybe it's a dummy component. If it is working for you, don't forget to enter your feedback in the comment section.

Last Words

AVG Antivirus Free is a good choice for your computer, especially if your computer is a low end one. 

Download AVG Antivirus Free (Official Download)

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