Packet Sender - Free UDP and TCP Network Test Utility (Android App)

Packet Sender Android

Packet Sender is an open source utility that allows you to send and receive TCP and UDP packets. It is a simple app that can be used for the quick testing of socket listeners and servers.

I have added a short how-to guide in this article, check it out:

Update: Download links are at the end of this article.

How To Use Packet Sender

1. Install it on your device and then open it. You will see a screen as shown below.

Packet Sender

2. Tap on the plus icon (top-right corner). Then enter the packet details, destination IP and port number on the next screen:

Setup Packet

3. Tap on the "Test" button. The packet sender will send the data packet to the target IP.

Note: All the information about the traffic can be found under the "Traffic Log" tab.

Original author(s): Dan Nagle

Development status: Not active

Download Links:

Download Packet Sender Android (apk) from MediaFire.

Download Packet Sender source from Github.

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