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SSHDroid is an android app that can turn your android device into an SSH server. That is, it allows you to securely connect to your device from a computer and execute commands or edit files.

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  • SFTP client:
If you are using a Windows, download and install WinSCP. (Official Link | MediaFire Link)

If you are using Mac, download and install Cyberduck. (Official Link | MediaFire Link)
  • Android device (rooted or non-rooted).

Now let's take a look at how to use SSHDroid app to execute commands or edit files:


1. Download and Install SSHDroid on your android device. (APKpure Link | MediaFire Link)

2. Run the application and then skip the help section. You will see a window as shown below:


3. Run WinSCP on your PC. Then enter the Host name, User name and Password (see the image below).

Note: Default password is "admin".


4. Click on "Login" button.  You will see a window as shown below:

root winscp

If you want to edit/download files, select "/ <root>" from the drop down menu (right side). Then go to "sdcard" folder, there you can find your files. 

To download a file, first select the file and then press "F5" key on your keyboard (or click on "Download" button).

To edit a file, select the file and then press "F4" key (Or click on "Edit" button).

If you want to run/execute a command using SSH, click on the terminal icon or go to Commands > Open Terminal (Ctrl+T). You will see a window as shown below:


Then enter your command in the "Enter command" box  and then click on "Execute" button.

Here are some commands:
  • date
  • ls
  • top
  • rm
  • man
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