In the Realm of the Hackers (Documentary Film)

In the Realm of the Hackers

In The Realm of the Hackers is a 2003 Australian documentary directed by Kevin Anderson. The film tells the story of two hackers named "Electron" and "Phoenix", who were members of an elite computer hacking group called The Realm and hacked into some of the most secure computer networks in the world, including the US Naval Research Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and NASA.

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So fast and widespread was the attack no-one could work out how it had happened, until one of the hackers called the New York Times to brag about it. 

Ten years after their arrest, this dramatized documentary reveals not only how they did it but also why, taking us headlong into the clandestine, risky but intoxicating world of the computer underground.

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Watch the full movie:

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