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AnDOSid is an android tool developed by Scott Herbert that you can use to launch DoS attacks from your mobile phone. It was developed as a stress testing tool, but you know, anything can be misused, even a pen.... 

AnDOSid is so powerful, that you can even use it to take down web servers. But don't go for it, because it's one of the quick ways to get into jail!

Don't worry, you can use this tool for security purposes. So today I'm going to give you a step by step guide on how to use AnDOSid to simulate DoS attacks.

Requirement: Android 2.2 or higher.

How To Use AnDOSid

2.  Install it on your device.

3. Open AnDOSid, you will see a window like this:

AnDOSid opened

4. Tap on the continue button. You will see the tool's main page:

AnDOSid android tool

5. Enter the URL of a target website in the "Target URL" field. For example,

6. Edit the payload size. The Default size is 1024 bytes ≈ 1Kb. If you want to increase the stress, you have to increase the payload size.

7. The third box determines the number of milliseconds between each hits. Default value is 1000 milliseconds = 1 second. If you want to decrease or increase the time between each hit, edit the value according to your needs.

8. Tap on the "Go" button to initiate DoS attack/stress testing. Whenever you want to stop hitting, tap on the "Stop" button.

Last Words:

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  1. What is Dos attack because all I know is WiFi bruteforce and collect cookies to get in a Facebook account can you explain me?

  2. Can you explain me what is Dos attack is that attacking a website?

  3. Is that need root and what is Dos attack what will happen if I attack a website?

    1. dos attack simply means flooding a target device with huge amount of traffic to make it unavailable to others. If you attack a website, they will trace the attack and then put you in jail.

  4. You can make application to ddos wifi run ning system android ?

  5. Can we get into someone's Facebook profile using this?

  6. LOIC is better man it is available on android now it was banned 2 years ago can you upload it in this website?

  7. how can i use it without attacking a website (without being jailed)

    1. You can use it for stress testing...

  8. can i hacked twitter account using this?

  9. Can I use this on router IPS? For example, I wanna prank my friend when I'm at his house and get his COMPUTER IP, what happens if I dos that?

  10. what does it mean start attacking? @gokul g


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