Who Has Your Back: WhatsApp Score Worst

whatsapp worst score

In the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) annual "Who Has Your Back?" security report, the Facebook-owned messaging app ranked worst in security. 

Who Has Your Back is an annual security report that evaluates internet services and products based on several security criteria. Wikimedia, Dropbox, Adobe, Apple, Credo Mobile, Wordpress and Yahoo have earned five out of five stars, but the WhatsApp has failed to earn stars on disclosing government-issued data requests, disclosing policies on data retention, and following industry-accepted best practices for security.

Here are the scores:

who has your back image

"WhatsApp earns one star in this year’s Who Has Your Back report. This is WhatsApp’s first year in the report, and although EFF gave the company a full year to prepare for its inclusion in the report, it has adopted none of the best practices we've identified as part of this report," said EFF.

"We think it's time to expect more from Silicon Valley. We designed this report to take the basic principles of Who Has Your Back up a notch and see which companies were still leading the pack."

"Already, our newest report has had a similar effect on the industry as a whole, encouraging companies large and small to strive for more when it comes to standing by their users. In the months since we first told the companies what this year’s criteria would be, we've seen significant improvement in company practices. And we hope—and expect—that over the next year, we’ll see even more."

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