Super Worm Stuxnet's SCADA Slaves Still Alive

stuxnet slaves

At least 153 computers are still slaves to the super worm Stuxnet, security researcher Peter Kleissner says. "6 of the infections reported that they have SCADA development software installed."

Half of all infections were originated from Iran, where the super worm was first targeted, the researcher told in a presentation at a security conference in Vienna last week.
Geographical distribution of Stuxnet infections 2013-2014:


Kleissner says the remaining infections are divided between India (23 percent), Indonesia (8 percent), Saudi Arabia (7 percent), Kazhakistan (5 percent) and China (2 percent).

"It is inevitable that existing malware infections lower the overall security of the particular machines and the entire networks and therefore make it easier (or possible at all) for anyone else to intrude the system," Kleissner says in the paper titled Internet Attacks Against Nuclear Power Plants.

"...any capable intelligence service or individual with the knowledge and skills could seize control and potentially cause considerable damage leveraging the remaining infections"

Kleissner also points out that the backdoor access is not exclusive to a designated team or attacker. "Everyone has access".

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