Reliance Jio Chat App Sends Data To Chinese Servers, Says AnonOpsIndia

reliance jio chat

Anonymous hackers (AnonOpsIndia) have claimed that Reliance Jio Infocomm’s messaging app Jio Chat transmits users’ data in unsecured form to Chinese servers.

"We took apart Reliance Jio app & found they are using Chinese geolocation mapping service, said AnonOpsIndia. "It shows that Reliance is using a geolocation which is China-based service."

reliance jio

"There is no encryption between the person using jio chat app and the chinese company amap. Hence, it makes it lot easier for the chinese hackers to snoop over your data."

Since China doesn't support Google Maps, the location based services within China requires a Chinese-based mapping service, said Reliance Jio Infocomm. "This is a common practice for any app wishing to provide location-based services within China. However, when used Globally, Jio Chat (outside of China) always uses Google Maps."
But why plain http to Amap? Why not send that geolocation data over encrypted network.

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