How To Hack Garages In Seconds Using a Mattel Toy

how to hack garage

Are you sure, your garage is well protected? Hardware hacker Samy Kamkar has created a device that can hack your garage in seconds.

OpenSesame is a device that can wirelessly open virtually any fixed-code garage door in seconds. The device exploits a flaw on wireless fixed-pin devices.

Vulnerable Vendors:

  • Nortek / Linear / Multi-Code
  • NSCD/North Shore Commercial Door
  • Chamberlain (old models)
  • Liftmaster (old models)
  • Stanley (old models)
  • Delta-3 (old models)
  • Moore-O-Matic (old models)
If you are using any of the above mentioned company products, upgrade to a system which clearly states that it's using rolling codes, hopping codes, Security+ or Intellicode

You can get the source code of OpenSesame from samy's Github.

Watch the video:

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