Brazilian Musician Christiano Araujo's Tragic Death Used To Spread Banking Malware

Christiano Araujo malware

Cyber criminals spare no incident to target as many victims as possible, and this time they are using Brazilian musician Christiano Araujo's tragic death to spread a banking malware.

Following Cristiano Araújo's death, security firm Symantec observed malicious spam emails promising to offer footage of the accident being sent out to users in Brazil and Venezuela.

Christiano Araujo malware

"If users click on the Google Drive URL found in the email, they will end up downloading malware (detected as Downloader.Bancos)," Symantec said in a blog post.

Once the Downloader.Bancos infects the computer, it will download a well known banking malware dubbed Infostealer.Bancos.

"Symantec advises users to be cautious when it comes to emails crafted around popular news stories such as the one discussed in this blog as they may be malicious. This type of social engineering is not limited to email and users should also be careful on social media sites as similar tactics can also be used," the security firm warns.

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