Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Washington Post Mobile Site

Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Washington Post Mobile Site

The hacker group calling themselves 'Syrian Electronic Army', has hacked Washington post mobile site and greeted visitors with the following pop-up messages:

"You’ve been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army!"

"US govt is training the terrorists to kill more Syrians."

"Saudi Arabia and its allies are killing hundreds of Yemens people everyday!"

"The media is always lying."

The compromised system was not the Washington post's web server, but the Instart Logic service, the content delivery network (CDN) for distribution of the web pages.

The news organization said in a statement, "The Washington Post's mobile homepage and some section fronts on the mobile site were redirected to a site that claimed to be run by the Syrian Electronic Army. The situation has been resolved and no customer information was impacted."

The hackers posted the following on Twitter:

Recent Hacks From Syrian Electronic Army :

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