Spammers Hide Adult Site URL In YouTube Videos

Spammers Hide Adult Site URL In YouTube Videos

Symantec researchers have found a new SMS spam campaign that's hiding adult site URLs in YouTube videos to avoid URL filters. The campaign disguised the sender as a woman looking to date the message's recipient. 

Attackers added the link to a YouTube video along with the following message:
"Hey there [CLASSIFIEDS WEBSITE] Im assuming ? Im Alexis.. heres a video
[YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK] to show I'm the same girl in the pic on there"
When a user visits the URL in the message, it will direct the user to a YouTube video that asks them to get verified by visiting a link included in the video. That link leads the user to an adult website. If the user signed up to the site, then their credit card would be charged with membership fees.

In this campaign the spammers makes their money through affiliate programs, the affiliate can earn revenue by directing users to join another business' website. 

"Over the last few years, we have seen SMS spammers looking for new ways to bypass URL filters. However, the SMS message-size limitation doesn't give much room for spammers to create complex or creative obfuscations," the Symantec security response says. "For this reason, SMS spammers have relied on shortened links, free hosting services, and newly registered domains in order to hide and deliver their attacks."

"While this technique has been used before in emails, it is novel in the SMS field. With the rise in popularity of mobile dating apps, we believe that more spammers may target mobile platforms with these types of campaigns."


  • Don't open suspicious emails or messages, just delete it.
  • Avoid visiting porn links on Facebook, twitter and other social media websites.

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