Microsoft To Detect Search Protection Code As Malware

Microsoft To Detect Search Protection Code As Malware

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center announced yesterday that it's products will begin detecting all software containing browser search protection code as malicious programs, regardless of whether the code is active.


Search protection is a scheme that is being used by certain softwares to limit user control of browser and search settings. That is, the developers can use the "search protection" to prevent users from uninstalling products or changing their default search engine.
"To avoid detection, developers should remove any search protection code from their programs, regardless of whether it is functional or not," the Microsoft Malware Protection Center says. "We’ll be working with search protection developers and vendors who have completely disabled search protection functionality from their programs in alignment with our evaluation criteria."

"Working with us can help reduce the risk of having programs with search protection functionality turned off, but still containing non-compliant code, being detected as developers work on completely removing the non-compliant code."

It is certainly the most influential move by the tech gaint.

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