Hacker Launches Ransomware Removal Kit

Ransomware Removal Kit

Security expert Jada Cyrus has compiled a ransomware removal kit to help victims decrypt their files without even paying a penny.

"You should never pay the ransom. This will only reinforce this type of attack. According to most security intelligence reports, criminal enterprises are already making large profits from ransomware,"Cyrus says.

This toolkit is useful for decrypting variants of most infamous ransomwares such as CryptoLocker, TeslaCrypt, FBIRansomWare and CoinVault.

In case of infection, Cyrus recommends the following:
  • Remove the impacted system from the network
  • Attempt to identify which variant of ransomware you are infected with.
  • Before removing the threat, create a copy if possible for later analysis, which may be needed for decryption of files.
  • If possible, use restore points or backups to return to a safe state after removing the threat.
  • If you have identified the variant of ransomware and a decrypter tool is available for it in this kit, you can attempt to utilize it.
You can download the Ransomware Removal Kit from here.

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