Chinese Hackers Force Penn State University To Shutdown Computers

chinese hack penn state

Pennsylvania State University's College of Engineering has terminated it's connection to the internet after discovering that the Chinese hackers had been stealing the data for two years.

The school unplugged the computers for several days to help the investigators to eject the intruders from it's network. Classes are continuing as normal.

"This was an advanced attack against our College of Engineering by very sophisticated threat actors," said Penn State president Eric Barron in a letter to professors and students. "This is an incredibly serious situation, and we are devoting all necessary resources to help the college recover as quickly as possible."

The FBI notified the university of the breach late last year, spawning a months-long investigation that eventually found two separate groups of hackers stealing data. The first group has been linked by investigators to the Chinese government, reports the Bloomberg.

The school hired Mandiant, the incident response division of the computer security firm FireEye, to help investigate the breach and to recover affected systems.

"There is an active threat and it is against not just Penn State but against many different organizations across the world, including higher education institutions," said Nick Bennett, senior manager at Mandiant.

The university said it notified 18,000 students and professors that their personal data, including social security numbers, were stored on one of the systems breached in the attack. Additionally, it has notified 500 partners — including private companies, government agencies and other academic institutions — about the breach.

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