1 Terabyte Of Passwords Stolen!

1 Terabyte Of Passwords Stolen!

The "Anonymous" hacker group claims to have stolen 1 terabyte of data from Best Union, a European company that manages online ticketing for the Expo 2015 Universal Exposition festival in Milan, Italy. 

The Anonymous Italy posted on twitter (Translated Version), with the below images

"Here's to those who rely on the security of virtual #Expo: @bestunion you have been hacked #OpItaly #NoExpo "

But the data breach has not been confirmed by any official sources.

The group also published a statement against the organization:

"For the record – the site of the online ticketing service has been out all night on April 30 and several more hours on the afternoon of May 1, their habit, to be so petty and liars leads them to lie in the face of evidence, not only, to declare publicly a news not true and absolutely false to not only admit their utter incompetence. Expect Us !!! ."

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