Why You Should Care About Smartwatch Security

Why You Should Care About Smartwatch Security

Wearables are the great idea that can connect technology to all the aspects of everyday life.While the mobile phones can only have a limited interaction with the daily life, the wearables like smartwatch can stick with every instance of a person's life. It can stick with the users when they are at gym, office, party, shopping and almost all the occasions. 

Smartwatch is an amazing technology that promises effortless user interaction with the cyber world. With all these huge advantages, is there anything missing in terms of SECURITY ?

Smatwatches can access our data just like smartphones, doesn't matter whether they pair with a smartphone directly or act as a standalone device. Since there is no mechanisms in smartwatches to lock down personal data completely, the smartwatches is vulnerable than your smartphones.

It should be noted that the attacker's physical access to the smartwatch is limited, that's good. (unless the wearer have a habit of taking off their smartwatch in public and leaving it places). 

Most of the smartwatches works with the smartphones via blutooth, which is not a most secure connection protocol. That means, an attacker can easily gain access to victim's smartwatch by exploiting the bluetooth security holes.

Smartwatches usually includes basic security features like pattern lock and passcodes, I'm not saying, these basic security features is strong enough to protect your smartwatch from hackers. But, at this point in time, the smartwatches are not being widely used to store sensitive personal information. So, a military grade security is not needed yet. 

If you care about your security and privacy, you should not put any private information on the connected devices like smartwatches and smartphones. And also don't forget to use built in security features.

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