Dyre Wolf Malware Campaign Steals More Than $1 Million

Dyre Wolf Malware Campaign Steals More Than $1 Million

One month ago, We have reported that the dangerous banking trojan Dyre was spreading via innocent looking fax messages to the users. This time, the researchers at IBM security has spotted a Dyre variant in an active campaign, named "The Dyre Wolf" that has successfully stolen more than $1 million from various enterprise organizations.

The Dyre Wolf campaign uses a combination of different sophisticated techniques including spear phishing, malwares and social engineering to steal critical information from the victims.

The Dyre Wolf Attack Flow :

To avoid such attacks, IBM security recommends the following steps :

  • Train employees on security best practices and how to report suspicious activity.
  • Consider conducting periodic mock-phishing exercises where employees receive emails or attachments that simulate malicious behaviour. Metrics can be captured on how many potential incidents would have happened had the exercise been a real attack. Use these findings as a way to discuss the growing security threats with employees.
  • Offer security training to employees to help understand threats and measures they can take to protect the organization.
  • Provide regular reminders to employees on phishing and spam campaigns and that they shouldn't open suspicious attachments or links from both work and personal emails.
  • Train employees in charge of corporate banking to never provide banking credentials to anyone. The banks will never ask for this information.

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