China's Great Firewall Hijacking Facebook Connect

China's Great Firewall Hijacking Facebook Connect

China's Great Firewall,  the system used by Chinese government to censor the internet is now being used to hijack Facebook login system (Facebook Connect) to DDoS target websites. 

The Great Firewall is intercepting the JavaScript code from any site that uses the Facebook Connect and re-directing the traffic to third-party websites. According to the reports from china, the Great Firewall is replacing JavaScript of Facebook Connect with (An open-source software deployment site) and (A Polish couple’s travel blog).

This interception flooded those sites with massive traffic (DDoS Attack). is down at the time of writing this article.

It's unclear, why the Great Cannon is targeting those websites by using Facebook login system. "This behaviour is occurring locally and beyond the reach of our servers. We are investigating the situation." a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge.

If you are experiencing any trouble while accessing Facebook Connect, use a foreign VPN.

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