LG Split Screen Software Kills PC Security

LG Split Screen Software Kills PC Security

LG split screen software is disabling user account control (UAC) and putting the windows users at risk of malware infection, according to German developer Christopher Bachner. The UAC was introduced in Microsoft platforms to prevent malware and spyware from being installed on or making changes to your computer. But, in an urge to make better user experience, the LG monitor software disables this security system and puts the users at risk.

It affects the home users most.
Bachner said, "This is not only lazy, but also extremely dangerous, since applications that should never run with admin privileges were executed with admin privileges. For example, my browser was running each time with full admin rights."

"This result was very surprising and raised some anger in me because I would have expected more from such a large company."

"The only solution to this is to uninstall the software and enable UAC again."

Here is the video from Bachner's YouTube channel:

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